Steel Bar Bending Machine

Steel Bar Bending Machine/Automatic Steel Bar Bending Machine
Steel bar bending machineProduct Description
Steel bar bending machine is one of the steel bar processing tools , it constituted by the motor, gear, operation disc, breaker and machine body.
This machine is able to bend steel bar diameter 6-55mm into various shapes that required, and it is widely used in road, bridge, tunnels and other giant construction projects.

Steel bar bending machineFeatures & Advantages
1.100% copper motor with speed 1420r/min, normally this motor can work 2 years without breaking
2. our gear material ductile iron QT500-7 ,which have high precision and hardness .all the gears are fine processed twice.
3. The operation disc material carbon structure steel
4. The painting , beautiful anti-rust spray painting inside and outside .
5. The stop gauge can be installed from four different corners to realize the requirement of putting steel bar from various directions.
6. It is fully enclosed gear-box, low noise, high and low speed, which is easy for the worker to handle.
7. It adds eccentric bushing, ultra-high hardness accessories and adjustable baffles, so it will have longer service life.
8. We provide complete accessories, so do not worry the maintenance.
9. Our products with ISO certification in conformity with national quality standards.
Steel bar bending machineModel & Technical Parameters
Technical Parameters

Bending MachineBending MachineBending Machine

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