Automatic plastering wall machine/Wall plastering machine

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The application 
scope of plastering wall machine:
This machine is ideal equipment for residential building, office buildings, and residential interior wall surface hardening gypsum.
Application (wall): cement walls, brick walls, concrete walls, hollow walls, brick wall and so on
Application (ash): Black and white ash, powder ash, cements powder, foam mortar, dry mortar, and gypsum and so on.
Plaster thickness: 5mm-25mm
Advantages of 
plastering wall machine:
1.The machine is widely used in housing, decoration, save time, effort, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers, improve work efficiency and reduce construction costs.
2. The machine is small size, light weight, easy to move, and simple to operate, long life and so on.
3. Plastering no hollowing, cracks and other defects, plaster quality to meet national standards.
4.The machine can save water and save material. Compared with the manual can save 20% material and reduce the construction cost of 10%. No need to take the scaffold and save construction equipment costs.
5.This machine can advance the project date, a single project can achieve good works.
6. One machine can replace 20 workers to work. The efficiency of this machine is more than ten times than manual plastering. One day two persons can completed 400㎡ .
7. The machine does not require leveling, one-time wipe to the top.
8. The lifting part of the machine to enhance the use of friction structure, this technology has reached the international advanced level.
Technical parameter 
 of plastering wall machine:

plastering wall machine 

plastering wall machine
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