Steel Bar Cutting Machine/Electrical Rebar Cutter Machine

Steel Bar Cutting Machine/Metal Cutter/ Electrical Rebar Cutter Machine

Steel Bar Cutting Machine Product Description
Steel Bar Automatic Cutting Machine
Steel Bar Automatic Cutting Machine is one kind of steel bar processing machine, mainly used for cutting carbon steel, cold and hot round steel, screw thread steel, deformed steel, flat steel , angle steel and square steel in construction project. 2015 Steel Bar Cutter With Foot Treadle can be classified with GQ40,GQ50,GQ60,GQ70 model GQ40 Iron Bar Automatic Cutting Machine according to max working capacity 40mm, 50mm, 60mm and 70mm.

Steel Bar Cutting Machine Advantages&Features
Steel Bar Automatic Cutting Machine
1. Move easily. small size, compact structure, solid fuselage. With scrollable casters it can be moved easily and flexibility.
2. Good lubricating properties. It adopts full close structure and lubricates by using gears splash.
Steel Bar Cutting Machine can operate more than three months continually if it is added oil(8-10kg) at a time.
3. Little power loss. For lubrication conditions improving, gear-side uses rolling bearing, the resistance is small,compared with the similar cutting machine with load power can reduce by one third.
4. Work longer. Automatic Iron Bar Cutting Machine adopts the high steel knife block, connecting rod, high-speed international standard motor, its quality is more stable and it will last longer.

Steel Bar Cutting Machine Model & Technical Parameters:

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