Rebar tying machine/Automatic steel bar tying machine

Rebar tying machine/Automatic steel bar tying machine

Product description of rebar tying machine
The steel bar tying machine is a new-type intelligent electrical tool in building construction.
The machine is practical and good looking. It is a fast handheld rebar tying tool, and has microcontroller built-in. The machine can complete all the tying steps automatically. It is widely used in building site, large bridges, roads, railway and tunnel construction and large-scale projects. The machine can take the place of manual working totally.

Advantages of rebar tying machine
1.Perfect tying: With appropriate using of the machine, tying knot is perfect, and all the ties are firm.
2.Adaptability: the same machine used to work with different diameters of bars, stirrups, hangers, etc.
3.Easy of use: In just a few days the less experienced learner becomes an accomplished PROFESSIONALS of your work.
4.Effortless: The operator is able to work all day without fatigue.
5.No risk: Low voltage of battery without risk of electricity.

Technical parameters of rebar tying machine

Rebar tying machine photos:

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