Electric Power Pavement Trowelling Machine

Electric Power Pavement Trowelling Machine Used for Road Machinery 

Product  Description of Electric Power Pavement Trowelling Machine:
Walk-behind Power Trowel Series could be easily operated in floating and finishing concrete surfaces, greatly improve the degree of compaction of the surface construction. It is widely used in surface of concrete raised paste and trowel and smooth out in high-standard workshop, warehouse, parking lot, square, airport and frame-style building.

Product Features of 
Electric Power Pavement Trowelling Machine::
Safety switch can shut off engine at once to ensure security of operator
Over-built gearbox with high performance and durability
Fordable handle for easy transportation and storage
Adjusted handle for different height of operators
Dynamically balanced of blades when running7
Low maintenance cost and long lifetime
Bicycle-style handle is available
Special handle for easy moving
Easy and safety for operating
Electric without pollution

Usage of 
Electric Power Pavement Trowelling Machine:
Construction power trowel concrete screeds for sale is used to create a level, smooth finish on a large, flat area of concrete, such as an interior floor, or a poured patio slab for a deck. They use single or multiple blades that rotate in a safety cage. Use a pushable concrete power trowel or riding model based on the size of your job. Blades measure from 24 to 46 inches long and come in three types: floating, finish and combined.

Technical Data

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