Gasoline type plate rammer compactor

Gasoline type plate rammer compactor
Hand operate gasoline type palte rammer made in China with hot selling

Product Description of gasoline type plate rammer compactor:
HZR115 gasoline type flat rammer
HZR115 Plate Compactor is suitable for the traffic, municipal works and construction sectors with unique functions to tamp the road shoulder,
bridge surroundings, pavement of the street, surrounding of the sewer pipe and the culvert, floor inside and outside of the house, and the floor of the wall,
especially the places that the large and middle tampering machinery can not operate.

Main features of gasoline type plate rammer compactor:
1.Small size, light weight, easy to pack and move
2.Simple structure
3.Easy operation and maintenance
4.It can tamp forward automatically

Advantages of gasoline type plate rammer compactor:
Through the optimization, design, and finite element analysis of shock mitigation system, the easy worn problem of shock mitigation parts of plate compactor has been solved, which increased the service life of equipment.
It has been accredited by Honda Corporation and Honda Research Institute and h as reached the advanced level both in home and abroad.
Applications of gasoline type flat rammer
Used for compaction in road construction, water conservancy project such as compaction,
especially suitable for narrow site construction such as indoor, home and groove.
Two types: electrical and gasoline type.

Model & technical parameter of  plate rammer compactor:

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