Pneumatic Immersible Pump for Coal Mine

FQW pneumatic immersible pump for coal mine

♦Product Description For Pneumatic Immersible Pump:
FQW type mining pneumatic immersible pump ( Former BQF, FWQB) is a new product developed by our company, this product adopts machinery rotor and pump body coaxial connection, the vertical mechanism, under the pump. The implementation of standards: Q/JNAT001-2010. mine pneumatic submersible pump compact structure, movement, assembly and dis-assembly, convenient maintenance. The pump body vortex path using energy-efficient hydraulic model, special design. The impeller pump has the sewage capacity, large flow, high lift and advantages of FQW series pump is suitable for containing gas and coal dust explosion hazardous area drainage work, it can be widely used in any coal mine working face, coal conveying, sediment groundwater, safe use, reliable, and effectively improve the air quality.
♦Environment Condition For Pneumatic Immersible Pump:
A) Ambient air conditioning methane and coal dust;
B) Atmospheric pressure (0.4-0.7) MPa;
C) Water PH between 4-10;
D) Water conditioning over 2% solid impurity.
E) Water density not exceeding 1.1*103kg/m3
F) Ambient temperature ( 5-40 )℃
♦Advantages and features for pneumatic immersible pump
FQW ( Former BQF, FWQB) type mine pneumatic immersible pump , compressed air as a driving force by centrifugal pump structure. Has the advantages of small volume, light weight, simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, in the presence of mine gas and coal dust in the use of safe and reliable is a kind of advanced pneumatic water supply and drainage equipment
♦Advantages and features
Mine pneumatic submersible pump is the main pump, motor and gas flow is composed of three parts.
1 part: pump body, two cavity, middle sealing ring for gas, water separated. The sealing ring spring seal, and the use of gas, water pressure, the high pressure water into, respectively next, two sealing ring wall, the rose, the sealing effect is enhanced.
2 part: by pneumatic motor rotor, turbine, upper and lower cylinders, bearings and other components. Powered by compressed air, the impact of turbine driven rotor high-speed operation for power.
3 part: by flow, turbine, pump cover the suction port. The pump seat and other components. The turbine rotor shaft installed in the shell cavity, compressed air from the air inlet to the turbine rotor, driven by the running effect, the water in the turbine under the centrifugal force, the pressure in a vortex effluent discharged from the water outlet pipe road
♦Model and technical data for pneumatic immersible pump:

Model Flow
Outlet pressure(MPa) Gas consumption(m³/min) Rated air pressure (MPa) Quality
Dimension (mm)
FQW20-25/W 20 25 0.5 4.5~5 30 347×274×462
FQW70-30/W 70 30 0.5 4.5~5 32 347×274×462
FQW20-40/W 20 40 0.5 4.5~5 34 329×274×495
FQW40-20/W 40 20 0.5 4.5~5 31 347×274×462
FQW25-50/W 25 50 0.5 4.5~5 35 329×274×495
FQW30-18/W 30 18 0.5 4.5~5 35 329×274×495
FQW50-25/W 50 25 0.5 4.5~5 32 347×274×462
FQW48-12/W 48 12 0.5 4.5~5 31 347×274×462


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