Mining Explosion-proof Submersible Pump

1.5kw Mining Explosion-proof Sewage Desilting Submersible Pump

★ Product Description for Mining Explosion-proof Submersible Pump:
BQS series explosion-proof sewage desilting submersible pump is my company and Shandong University jointly developed, complete product specifications, power range from 1.5kW ~ 315kW, flow range from 10m³ / h to 2500m³ / h, head range from 7m to 700m, all products are to achieve a full head, without overload. Company perseverance product of technical innovation to solve the sewage sediment submersible pump in the product structure, parameter optimization, key technical problems manufacturing processes, operational efficiency, leak-proof seal, materials, applications, etc., over twenty patents the application of a number of the latest research results, the formation of a mature motor, pump manufacturing process, and compared to similar products are safe and reliable, lightweight and practical, good sewage sediment, long life, reasonable spectrum, selection and easy.

★ main purposes
for Mining Explosion-proof Submersible Pump:
For coal mine methane (commonly known as gas) and coal dust explosion hazard areas and contains a mixture of sewage and sediment transport, coal, coal gangue, coal cinder, fibers and the like insoluble solid phase material. Also apply to construction of buildings, hospitals, residential areas, municipal engineering, traffic and construction, sewage plants, small sewage treatment and other occasions carriage containing solid particles, long fiber waste water, rainwater and sewage.

★ Conditions of Use 
for Mining Explosion-proof Submersible Pump:
1.power supply 380V or 660V or 1140V, three-phase, 50HZ.
2.medium temperature usually does not exceed 40 ℃, PH value 5-9, medium and severe ≤11kN / m³
3, medium diameter solids should be consistent with the provisions of MT / T 671-2005, reminding special requirements when ordering.

★Basic parameters 
for Mining Explosion-proof Submersible Pump:
Model Flow (m3/h) Lift(m) Matching power(kW) Voltage(V) Efficiency(A) Synchronous Speed (r/min) Electric pump efficiency(%) Through the particle diameter (mm)
BQS10-23-1.5 10 23 1.5 380/660 or 660/1140 3.65/2.11 or 2.11/1.22 3000 28.9 6

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