Pneumatic Anchor Rod Assembling Drill

Pneumatic Drill Used For Installation Of Anchor Rod On Wall/Roof Of Coal Laneway
Product Description of Pneumatic Wall/Roof Bolter
Pneumatic wall bolter is applicable to support with cable or bolt in coal laneway, half-coal laneway and rock laneway with rock hardness no more than 100MPa. They are combined with drilling, mixing and assembling. Dual exhaust model and new seals structure ensure the fast and smooth leg expansion and retraction. The unique silencer reduces noise, drilling shaft and leg center are perfect alignment, drilling stably.
Handy, large torque, easy operation and maintenance, drilling, stirring and bolting can be achieved by one machine. It is mainly used for drilling hole and bolting on the roof of coal and rock roadways. The hardness of the roof should be f≤8.

Main Characteristics of Pneumatic Wall/Roof Bolter
It is small size and small weight, good for hand hold to drill, explosion-proof, variable speed, slight vibration, low noise, hole-drilling, stirring and bolting can be achieved by one machine. It is mainly used for hole-drilling and bolting on the wall of coal lane, half coal –rock lane and rock lane. The hardness should be f≤6.

Model MQT110 MQT120 MQT130
Stress range    Mpa 0.4-0.63 0.4-0.63 0.4-0.63
Rated pressure   Mpa 0.5 0.5 0.5
Rated torque    N.M 110 120 130
Rated speed r/min ≥230 ≥200 ≥180
Maximum output power  KW ≥2.4 ≥2.6 ≥3.0
Maximum load torque  N.M ≥180 ≥220 ≥260
Starting torque  N.M ≥170 ≥180 ≥230
Load gas consumption   m³/min ≤3.8 ≤4.2 ≤4.4
Maximum speed of revolution   r/min 620 500 460
Weight  Kg 48 52 54

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