Pneumatic rock drill YT23(7655)

Description of the pneumatic rock drill YT23(7655):
The pneumatic rock drill YT23(7655) is a kind of high efficiency hand hold rock drill machinery. It is mainly used for blasting holes and other drilling works in a quarries, railway construction, water conservancy construction and defense project facility. It is suitable for drilling and blasting under various of rocks at any direction angles. Blast hole diameter is 34-42 mm, drill hole depth is 5 m.

Features of pneumatic rock drill YT23(7655)
1. Easily-accessible position throttle
2. Integral muffler,lower noise
3. It accepts heavy duty bits
4. Reliable structure,easy and stable operation
5. Drill diam. can be from 32mm-60mm.
6. Hand-held and air legs rock drill accessible.
7. Provide the ultimate combination of performance and economy.
8. Smart,and durable.

Specifications of pneumatic rock drill YT23(7655):

Pneumatic rock drill YT23(7655)
Model YT23(7655)
Weight 24kg
Length 628mm
Cylinder diam. 76mm
Piston stroke 60mm
Working pressure 0.5-0.6Mpa
Impact energy ≥60.2(J)
Impact frequency ≥36Hz
Air consumption ≤80L/s
Working water pressure 0.2~0.3(Mpa)
Air pipe inner diam. 25(mm)
Water pipe inner diam. 13(mm)
Rock drill hole diam. 34~42(mm)
Rock drill hole depth 5(m)
Shank size 22*108(mm)
Oiler FY200A
Tank 200ml
Weight 1.2kg
Optional for Air leg FT160A&FT160B

Model No. FT160A FT160B
Weight 17kg 16kg
Max. Length of air leg 3006mm 2526mm
Min. Length of air leg 1668mm 1428mm
Push length 1338mm 1098mm
The maximum axial thrust 2000N 2000N

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