Mining Explosion-proof Electric Rock Drill with KHYD Series

Description of mining explosion-proof electric rock drill:
KHYD series mine electric variable-speed drill is suitable for rock drilling rock blasting holes, highway subgrade drilling row of holes urban high days building foundation pit in the soil-nail drill; housing, land-based plant-based reinforcement grouting holes, physical exploration of blast hole and so on. The big rig especially is suitable for digging holes, deep hole. Compared with other types power fairly drilling machines, it has light weight, easy to move and aerial operations.

Feature of explosion proof electric rock drill:
1.Electric rock drill is used for drilling burst mine hole in rock.
2.It is widely used in the mine shaft excavation, road construction, water conservancy construction, metallurgy mining, rock engineering, quarry operation, basic engineering drilling reinforcement construction process.
3.The explosion-proof electric rock drill is used for drilling water injection hole, on coal seam, exploring water holes and discharging gas, also can be used for soft rock tunnel excavation.
4.They can do wet type and dry type work (equipped with twist drill rod). Drills holes horizontally forward or tilt up, only need to control the handwheel, the drill will track forward and backward automatically on the railway.

Parameter of explosion proof electric rock drill:

Model Drilling dia.for rock Drilling dia.for mine Drilling depth for rock Drilling depth for mine Spindle speed Power weight
KHYD40 42mm 45-60mm 5m 20-60m 2814 r/min 2kw 40kg
KHYD75 42mm 45-80mm 10m 30-80m 1420 r/min 3kw 75kg
KHYD140 42-80mm 80-100mm 20m 30-80m 1440 r/min 5.5kw 140kg
KHYD150 42-80mm 80-120mm 25m 40-100m 1440 r/min 7.5kw 150kg

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