Mortar Spraying Machine with High-Speed

Mortar Spraying Machine with High-Speed

The features of mortar spraying machine:
1.reasonable design, integration of pump and compressor, easy to move.
2.feeding smoothly , no pulse phenomenon.
3.wide applicability, can spray powder, mortar, can also spray mortar.
4.coating uniformity, strong adhesion.
5.complete functions, can spray can coating.
6.can change the connection direction of the spray gun and nozzle, easy to operate.

Ecnomic befinets of mortar spraying machine:
1. Few Fall Mortar,Water saving, material saving,can reduce cost by more than 20%.
2. High efficiency,a set Mortar Plastering Machine can paint 150 square meters per hour with ease,if it works 8 hours one day,then it can Paint more or less 1000 square meters ,which equals to the workload of 20 skilled workers per day.
3. Engineering quality assured,our company launched high pressure spraying equipment flow (up to 3 mpa) to overcome the shortcomingslow degree of the compactness of cement mortar;low adhesive property between the wall and mortar.the degree of compatness is far exceed the standards prescribed by the state, to avoid the trouble and loss caused due to the quality of the construction period wages, etc.
4. Multiusage,this Mortar Spraying Machine can be used to spray mortar,refractory material,fire protection materials,etc. not restricted by regional and environmental conditions and spraying surface shape.

Main parameter of mortar spraying machine:

Production Capacity 3m³/h
Working Pressure 3MPa
Rate of Applicable Materials Water:Mortar:Sand=(0.7-1):1:3
Horizontal Delivery Distance 20m
Inner Size of Hose Ø 32mm
Maximum Aggregate Size Ø ≤4mm
Hopper volume 50L
Air Compressor 3m³/h
Motor Power 7.5KW
Voltage 380v or as your request
Dimension 2000x500x1150mm
Net Weight 360Kg
Photos of mortar spraying machine:

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