Piston Mortar Grouting Pump with Double-cylinder

Piston Mortar Grouting Pump with Double-cylinder

Application of piston mortar grouting pump:
1. In the highway pavement maintenance, used for cement concrete pavement slab suspending grouting
2. In metallurgy steel sectors, used for maintenance blast furnaces and other equipment
3. In the defense engineering, civil air defence works, mining and tunnel construction for grouting
4. In the chemical branch of slurry used to transport of raw materials (paste, coating), magnetic materials and other media
5. In the farmland, water conservancy project, used for reinforcing the dam .The sand for reinforcement well drilling shaft, etc
6. In the railway construction, used for Bridges, tunnels of the grouting reinforcement
7. Prestressed components used in engineering into mortar expansion
8. In thermal power plant is used to transport mortar fly ash
9. In the construction engineering, used in vertical and horizontal transportation mortar
Features of piston mortar grouting pump:
1. This machine is widely used for Construction Engineering,Mining,Tunnel,Underground Engineering and Hydroelectric project;
2. Pistion mortar grouting pump is an advaned grouting machine;
3.Can be transported and set up again quickly;
4.Easy to install and move;
5.Wide range of applications
Technology Parameters of piston mortar grouting pump:

Model HJB-3 HJB-6
Conveying Capacity 3m³/h 6m3/h
Working Pressure 1.5MPa 1.5-3MPa
Motor Power 3KW 4KW
Horizontal Delivery Distance 0-100m 0-100m
Vertical Delivery Distance 0-50m 0-50m
No. of Cylinder 1 2
Motor Speed 1420r/min 1420r/min
Inner diameter of injection hose Φ 32mm Φ 38mm
Inner diameter of stockinlet hose Φ 51mm Φ 51mm
Size (LxWxH) 1250mmx430mmx850mm 1250mmx430mmx850mm
Net Weight 250KG 320kg

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 piston mortar grouting pump:

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