GW50 Type Steel Bar Bending Machine

GW50 Type Steel Bar Bending Machine

Product Description of G50 steel bar bending machine
Steel bar bending machine is one of the steel bar processing tools , it constituted by the motor, gear, operation disc, breaker and machine body.
This machine is able to bend steel bar diameter 6/55mm into various shapes that required, and it is widely used in road,bridge, tunnels and other giant construction projects.

Characteristics of G50 Steel Bar Bending Machine :
1. Equipped with international standard copper motor.
2. Equipped with ultra-high hardness accessory and adjustable fender.
3. Equipped with stop switch, the machine can stop immediately, ensure the safety of the workers.
4. Adopt 10mm thick top plate, high rigidity disk, adjustable stylobate,durable wear out parts, efficient bending angle.
5. Equiped with international standard copper wire brake motor, narrowing inertance when the machine stops and bending angle is more accurate.
6. Pin-type positioning disk, it can adjust angle from 0-360 degree, more easily and convinient.

Technical parameter of G50 steel bar bending machine

Model GW50
Bending ability Ø 10- Ø 50mm
Working disc diameter Ø350mm
Work speed 3,7,14r/min
The whole machine weight 420kg
The motor power 3kw(4a)
Overall dimensions 800*800*750mm

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 G50 steel bar bending machine

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