Diaphragm airless with high pressure sprayer machine

Airless paint sprayer / Diaphragm airless with high pressure sprayer machine

Technical parameter:
Model: DX819
Motor power: 1.2HP
Power requirement: 220-240V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
Max pressure: 200bar/2900PSI
Delivery: 1.9 L/min
Suggest Nozzle: 0.017"
Max Nozzle: 0.019"
Length of high pressure hose: 15M
Type of hydraulic oil: Anti-wear hydraulic Oil ISO VG46
G. W.: 28.5KGS
N. W.: 25.5KGS
Carton dimensions: 44.5× 42.5× 60CM
-Low noise, low pollution
-High efficiency, 700-900m2 per hour
-Anti-rust design
-Meet DIY market
-Automatic protection function is assembled
-Working without air compressor
-Applied for painting of buiding wall, celling, ground, steel construction, work pieces, machines, tanks, pipes and all other painting projects.
-Paint applicable: All water-base paint, wall paint, oil-base paint, primers, anti-corrosive paint with low and medium viscosity.

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