Portable handheld type steelbar bender

Portable handheld type steelbar bender 
Product Description
Hydraulic portable excurvature Steel bending machine is widely used in high-rise buildings, highways, railway foundation pile reinforced steel cage and a variety of building skeleton in the steel bending, for pile-based steel pile head steel bending construction. The portable bending of the hydraulic steel is driven by the hydraulic system. The portable bending machine is small in size, light in weight and easy to operate. One person can complete the bending operation of the cast steel bar, and the traditional bending method needs to be bent and need to be welded in advance , Compared to more effort, not only to ensure the accuracy and reduce labor intensity, and the safety factor has been greatly improved, but also improve the efficiency.
Product application
Rebar bending machine with Environmental ,Convience,Reliable.
1. Portable & Convience :Bending machine with light weight ,easy to operate.
2. Environmental & Safe :Rebar bender with small volume, cutting without sparks,sediment,smell.
3. Application :widely used in construction engineering for bending round steel, thread steel,screw,ect.
4. Reliable :excellent quality,easy to move and safe to operate.
Technical parameter 

Model DXSB16 DXSB25/32
Voltage 220V/110V 220V/110V
Power 800W/900W 950W/1350W
Max bending diameter 4-16mm 4-25/32
Bending speed 5s 5-8s
Machine weight 15kg 24kg
Gross weight 16.5kg 32kg
Machine size 600*170*200mm 560*260*200mm
Carton size 670*250*245mm 670*385*260mm
Product details 

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