Pneumatic Band Saw Machine

Portable explosion-proof mining pneumatic band saw machine
Feature of band saw machine:
Pneumatic band saw for mining, chemical use, safe and reliable operation in humid environments. No need to worry about the dangers of electric sparking, no leakage in moist environment wounding, suitable for dangerous working environment, widely used in cutting large diameter pipes, channels and other metals. The use of compressed air as a driving force, either air compressors, carbon fiber cylinders, can also be pressurized air duct.
Advantage of band saw machine:
1.No spark cold cutting.
2.Large diameter fast and effective cutting.
3.The ideal tool for explosion-proof places.
4.Safer than electric saws in hazardous environments and are widely used in chemical and coal mining companies.
5.Can work in high temperature environment.
6.No need to worry about sparks, no risk of leakage in humid environment, cold cutting.