Mobile type concrete mixer for sale

Mobile type concrete mixer for sale

Product Description:
Mobile type concrete mixer drum for sale
1) It can be used as facility concrete plant, applied with PLD1200 batching machine.
2) Advanced hydraulic pressure system is adopted to open and close the discharging door. Under the situation
of sudden power failure, the manual pump can be used to open the discharging valve for emergency discharge
to avoid agglomeration.
3) Lubrication system to make the mixer service a long life.
4) This mixer is a self-falling and movable concrete mixing machine, discharging with the double wimble rotating reversely.
5) Security protection device to keep the safety of maintenance stuff.

Technical Data:

Model DX-350 DX-230
Capacity 350L 230L
Speed 1380rpm 1380rpm
Voltage 220V 220V/50HZ
Power 2.2KW 1.5KW
Weight 95KG 100KG

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